Turkey's Erdogan condemns Bacca murder, expresses his sadness

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday it was very difficult for him to find the correct words to describe the violent incident, adding his deep sadness with the murder of such a peace envoy. Elena Manzoni, Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo's mother, said on Saturday all Turkish people can't be blamed for the murder of her daughter. Di Marineo's sister said such kind of incident could happen anywhere in the world. Turkish people and newspapers condemned the murder as the leading newspaper Hurriyet wrote "We are ashamed" and Milliyet daily wrote ''Siamo Molto Addolorati'' (Our pain is very huge) in the headline. (UPDATED)

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"I offer both her family and Italian nation my condolence", Erdogan said on Sunday adding he believed the Turkish courts would make comprehensive assessment and give the most lawful decision, ANKA reported.

Erdogan thanked both Di Marineo's sister Antonia Giuseppina Pasgualino di Marineo and her fiance Giovanni Chiari for their humanitarian approaches. Erdogan also thanked the police officials as they arrested the criminal in a short time. 

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry said in a statement on Sunday, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay has been deeply saddened with the death of  the "Peace Bride". It also said Gunay phoned Italy's Ambassador to Ankara Carlo Marsili and expressed his condolences to the Italian ambassador just after the incident was heard about.

''We can't blame all Turkish people for this incident. Nobody could have predicted my daughter would encounter such a maniac,'' Manzoni told Italian TV channel RAI , Hurriyet.com.tr reported on Sunday. Manzoni also said she thought in the beginning her daughter was kidnapped by the outlawed separatits PKK, it reported.

Haberin Devamı

"Turkish people are very nice. But that man was a maniac and he wanted to kill my daughter,'' she added. 

Manzoni said they, as Bacca's family, the only thing they want to do at the moment is to bring Bacca's wedding gown to Milan for an exhibition in memorial of their daughter.    

Manzoni said on Saturday ''I can't say bad words about Turkish people They are very nice. But that man was a maniac and he wanted to kill my daughter,'' Dogan News Agency reported.

Di Marineo's sister said on Saturday such kind of incidents could happen anywhere in the world. She also told reporters they are planning to take Bacca's body back to Italy on Monday once the legal procedures completed.

Police have found the body of Di Marineo, also known as Pippa Bacca, who went missing while hitchhiking in Turkey dressed in a wedding gown to appeal for peace on Friday.

The suspect, Murat Karatas, was arrested on Friday. The police reached the suspect after determining that he had used her mobile phone after di Marineo's disappearance, the news agencies reported.   

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