Turkey shall not be termed as "moderate Islam"

Turkey shall not be termed as moderate Islam

Turkey’s army chief slammed the definitions used to describe Turkey such as "moderate Islam" and said nobody would be able to make the basic values of the republic obey him. (UPDATED)

Haberin Devamı

In recent years some "centers" emerged to try to break Turkey's strong structure and they are worried about that, General Yasar Buyukanit said in his speech at a conference in Istanbul.


"We follow with concern certain centers that want to change Turkey's structure in recent years. We see that certain circles want to add new titles to the Republic of Turkey. Legal organs of Turkey will never allow new titles for the country," he added in his speech.


Speaking to reporters in a break during the international symposium on the future of the Middle East in Istanbul, Buyukanit said there is no democratic country in the world with a title.


Haberin Devamı

"How do we define the U.S.? Shall we call it Christian? This is not possible... There are certain circles that want to add the title of 'moderate Islam' to the Republic of Turkey. The source of such a title does not come from within Turkey but foreign circles," Buyukanit said.


Buyukanit also said no force can change the fact that the Republic was founded by Ataturk which is the future of the country. "No power would be able to make our Republic and its principal values obey him."


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