GeriGündem REACTIONS- Readers' letters on Davos crisis
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REACTIONS- Readers' letters on Davos crisis

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan stormed out of a heated debate on the Gaza war with Israel's President Shimon Peres at the Davos forum on Thursday. Here are the reactions coming from Hurriyet Daily News Online readers regarding the incident.*

Mohamed, Canada
I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation to PM Erdogan, and the brotherly Turkish people for all the efforts that Turkey has made over the last couple of years to help establish peace in the middle east.
I would like also to thank PM Erdogan in particular for his honest, fair, and firm stance on the recent war on Gaza.
Extremely rare are those leaders who could show the same level of Bravery and Eloquence that PM Erdogan showed at the Davos forum (and several other world venues. )
It is such an honor to listen to PM Erdogan's speak.  His honest and wise words
reinforce Turkey's image as a serious world player, and an impartial broker in
the middle east peace process.
Long live PM Erdogan! Long live Turkey! Long live the Turkish people!
It will be a great pleasure for myself and my family to spend our next vacation in beautiful Turkey, and to buy Turkish goods!


Mara A. - U.S.

Having been born and raised in Pakistan, I have always had a great deal of love for Turkey. I have now been an American citizen for 15 years. Yesterday I saw Mr Erdogan walk out of a forum in Davos where Israel's President was given carte blanche to say whatever he wanted in a rather loud and obnoxious way without any opportunity for a rebuttal.

I congratulate Mr Erdogan for not simply "taking it" and refusing to be a part of a one-sided conversation where the aggressor gets to speak both for himself and for his victims. Since when is that a good recipe for justice? Let's not forget that reporters were not allowed in Gaza during Israel's massive attacks on civilians. How can we take the word of Israel about what went on in Gaza, without any independent corroboration? 


Wanda A. - U.S.

I am a proud American who has visited Turkey 4 times in the last 9 years. That said:

What I find very disturbing about what happened in Davos is that the PM does not look at the situation Israel was in before the war started.  Hamas knew Israel would respond, they were waiting to say, look what those bad Jews are doing to innocent people.  Hamas are cowards hiding behind women, children, and sacred mosque.  

Wake up and see his true colors in siding with Hamas. 

Another problem I see with radical Islam is the constant preaching of “hate” to the Jews, hate to the western world.  Yet the PM loves to come to America and enjoy our life style, but in his heart he was to return to the 9th century with HIS luxury for the 21st.  Luxury for him but not the rest of the Islamic world. He is a two faced person.

Mr. PM think of each mother, father, brother, sister and other family members that are crying because of the sons you killed in the name of justice each time you send rockets to destroy the PKK.  Is it really any different when you look at an old map and see that the land you have that once belong to the Kurdish nation?

War is fought over religion!  Isn’t it sad that as a human being we cannot have respect for someone that might disagree with our religious beliefs, or culture difference?

One does not have to agree with everything that a president or PM might say or do, as I sure do not always agree.  In my heart I know the American people want peace for all mankind, and that might be our biggest fault, trying for others to have the freedom, liberty we experience.


Paul S. - Australia

Well done to the Turkish Prime Minister. At last a world leader that stands up to Israel and tells it like it is.



Abdur R. - U.S.

I am American Muslim,

I don't know how to send greeting to PM Tayyip Erdogan for his address on World Economic forum over Gaza. He had spoken not for just Turkey; I believe he had spoken for all Muslim around the world. Thank you PM Tayyip Erdogan.



Orayb N. - U.S.

Letters to the Editor,

I would like to thank Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan for his courage in standing up to Israeli politicians, and declaring the killing of Palestinian children unacceptable. Such integrity is rare in politicians when it comes to Israel, whom they criticize in private, but coddle in public.Many an American president tells the truth to Israel only after leaving office when it no longer matters. I would also like to thank the Turkish people who gave Mr. Erdogan the welcome he deserved at the airport.


You do not need to be a supporter of Hamas to think that something is terribly cruel and criminal about the carnage and destruction Israel left in Gaza.



Michael F. - Germany

Dear Sirs,

As a long-time friend and supporter of Turkey, I have been reluctant to believe that the country at the hands of Mr Erdogan is moving rapidly and determinedly to fundamentalism. Erdogan has now revealed his true colors publicly - another Arafat, wrapped in a similar cloak of lies concealing hatred and intolerance.


We, therefore, will reluctantly cancel our plans for holidays in Turkey until this closet hate monger is out of office and the country regains credibility in its approach to terrorism, Israel and world affairs.


What a desecration by this bigoted little man of the lofty ideals of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk:

…by complete independence, we mean of course complete economic, financial, juridical, military, cultural independence and freedom in all matters. Being deprived of independence in any of these is equivalent to the nation and country being deprived of all its independence."

The last thing in the world Erdogan and his fellow religious fascists wish to see is cultural freedom and independent thought.



Dror A. - Israel

Dear Editor,

Following recent events in the Middle-East, I think that it is appropriate to remind readers that at about the same time last year, the Turkish military, under instructions from prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has invaded Northern Iraq.


Turkey used jet planes, armored vehicles, and incredible military power to overwhelm Kurdish villages across the border. Quoted in the New York Times on February 23, 2008, Erdogan did not refer to any special provocation that caused the Turkish invasion, but admitted fully that this was merely a "limited operation to weaken Kurdish militants."


Local Turkish television also screened without hesitation and at great length (and, I should add: with some pride) the assaults of military units on helpless villages during which civilians, women and children were killed.


No one had bothered to count the innocents who were killed and wounded during this "limited" operation, and the thought of either domestic or global condemnation had not crossed anyone's mind.


I don't believe that I have to write at great length to explain why I am recalling these events. Suffice it to say that even in world politics there are certain limits to hypocrisy. In his references in Israel's actions in Gaza, Mr. Erdogan has transgressed these limits.



Sabri H. - England

Time of stranges


R. T. Erdogan become suddenly an honor and humanitarian man and respect the Human rights and dignities.


He strongly defense about people of Gaza against the Israel attacks. And working for immediate ceasefire in Palestine.


But the contradiction is. why this man killing his people, Turkish soldiers and Kurdish people in Turkey, in very dirty war against Kurdish people. Thousand of Kurdish children and old men and women, and destroying the environment of Kurdish area. Why he doesn't work for immediate ceasefire in Turkey.


IfR. T. Erdogan is humanitarian man and he hate the war and killing.Why he don't stopping his dirty internal war, why he don't working to make an political and peaceful solutions for his dirty internal war. Instead of going and coming in many countries to find an solution for stopping the Israel – Hamas war. Why he don't engage in his dirty internal war?





*Disclaimer: These are unedited letters from Hurriyet Daily News readers; the views expressed are wholly those of the author.



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