New Eurobarometer poll results show a drop in Turkish support for the EU

Results from a new poll published by the official EU public polling organization, Eurobarometer, shows that the image of the EU as a whole has dropped significantly in the eyes of Turkish citizens within the past 6 months. The Eurobarometer poll, which included not only EU countries, but candidate countries as well, shows that only 43% of Turks view the EU positively now, as compared with 60% 6 months ago.

Other results from the Eurobarometer poll, which used 1,000 people from Turkey, and 29 thousand from all over Europe as a whole, are as follows:
----Currently, only 35% of Turks polled say they trust the EU, as compared with 50% from last year.
----Only 29% of Turks polled expressed support for an EU Constitution, making this the lowest level of support among EU countries and candidates polled in general.
----While 65% of people polled in Northern Cyprus expressed support for the continuing expansion of the EU, only 45% of Turks polled expressed support for this expansion, making Turkey the country with the least support for expansion of all EU candidate and member countries.
Hungary and Greece topped the list of countries in the Eurobarometer poll expressing support and trust for the EU. Only the British registered a less positive view of the EU than the Turks, with 31% they viewed the organization warmly.
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