Mehmet Y. Yilmaz: Rasmussen and Apo in the same bed!

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Mehmet Y. Yilmaz: Rasmussen and Apo in the same bed
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Kasım 25, 2005 10:58

The issue of Tempo magazine which is scheduled to hit the stands today carries an striking caricature: Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen and now-imprisoned PKK leader Apo, lying in bed together, completely naked! And what's more, they are watching Roj TV from their bed.

This is a very carefully drawn caricature.
The editors of Tempo are claiming that they are running a caricature like this in order to "test freedom of the press."
And I am really curious about what will happen. Let's see how Denmark, which spends much time championing freedom of the press, greets this caricature!
I would also like to mention something else I'm curious about these days: How much headway have we made in terms of getting Roj TV shut down following Prime Minister Erdogan's sudden abandonment of the joint press conference in Copenhagen?
The decisions taken by the United Nations on the subject of the struggle against terrorism are there for all to see on its internet site. But is Denmark being announced to the world as a country which is flaunting these decisions? Have there been any attempts in the UN to intervene? Or, has Turkey decided to put up with this "in order not to ruin the EU accession process"?
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