Good news for Bodrum real estate

ISTANBUL - EasyJet will start running new direct flights from London to Bodrum from April 23. The new flights are to Monday, Thursday and Saturday. They will then become the first direct flights from London to Bodrum and also by the biggest name to announce direct flights to Bodrum.

The news follows a recent announcement that major airline Pegasus is to run new flights from London to Bodrum via Istanbul, according to an article posted in

Director of Spot Blue, a specialist in Turkish property, Julian Walker said: "This is yet more good news for the property market in Bodrum. The announcement of new flights is good for the property market in any area, but perhaps more so in Bodrum's case, because the announcement will show potential investors that Bodrum is a growing tourism destination within Turkey."

Visitor numbers to Turkey reached 23 million for 2008 and are projected to reach 30 million for 2009. The new flights will help ensure the projections are met by giving tour operators more flights for base package holidays.
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