GeriGündem George Soros: I think the AKP believes in democracy, deserves our support
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George Soros: I think the AKP believes in democracy, deserves our support

George Soros, founder and organizer of the Open Society Institute, as well as the Quantum Fund, has said that he thinks that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development (AKP) Party believes in democracy. He expressed his support for the AKP, saying "The AKP is more honest than administrations which preceded it, there is very little corruption. I believe they deserve support."
  Protesters against Soros gather outside Istanbul conference

At a conference in Istanbul organized by Soros and addressing the US role in the world at large, Soros asserted his belief that a Turkey turned towards Europe would be in the interest of Turkey and its people. Said Soros, "If Turkey is assertive on the road to the EU, Europe will get itself together and see that Turkey is qualified for an EU membership."
Soros sees good investment opportunities in Turkey

Recalling that US President Bush talks constantly of bringing democracy to the Middle East, Soros said "As an Islamic country, Turkey is the best example of this. Turkey shows the whole world that an Islamic country can also be democratic. From this perspective, good relations between Ankara and Washington are important." On the subject of investment in Turkey, Soros said "Turkey is an attractive country for investments."
Nationalism threat

Soros spoke about nationalism in the US and the world in general. Saying that the US was experiencing an intense period of rising in nationalism, Soros also said "In the world, nationalism has come to the level of an ideology. We see that it is rising in China, Japan, and in Russia, and it is causing tension. We see it in the lack of success in the EU. It was a reason for the rejection of the EU Consititution. This is not a good development for the future."
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