Even Peker Was Astonished

A warrant of arrest was issued at 18.00 Saturday for Sedat Peker who was released of detention at 03.00 Saturday and who told reporters that "I was not expecting this too." After a 17-hour interrogation on grounds of being member of an organized gang, Peker was set free after Friday midnight. However 15 hours later, the court issued a warrant of arrest for him and his 6 men. Peker and his 23 men were set free after their 17-hour interrogation, to stand trial free of custody. The order of arrest about him by the same court astonished police and the public opinion.    Working until 08.30 , Prosecutor Selim Berna Altay  filed an objection to the release of Peker and his 23 men and notified the members of the 12th Heavy Penal Court on the issue. Upon an urgent call, members of the court evaluated the objection. After a 5-hour meeting, the members issued an arrest order for Sedat Peker for abduction and preparing forge documents, for Atilla Peker, Ali Kalkan, Hakan Ozturk, Huseyin Nalbantoglu and businessman Atilla Ekser for gang membership, seizure and abduction. Another warrant was issued for Ali Sahin Gurman for roughing up a man.
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