Ertugrul Ozkok: The apology campaign for Armenians is a joke

At last I am relieved. Peter Gabriel, a singer I enjoyed very much during his "Genesis" days, but whose ethnic obsession I find it difficult to understand, has joined the campaign "to apologize to Armenians".

Haberin Devamı

He apologizes on behalf of us, "Turks", to the Armenians for the bad things that "we Turks" did to the Armenians.

I was considering whether to join the campaign or not. I was relieved when I read the news about Gabriel.


Since he apologizes to the Armenians on our behalf, Turks, then I apologize to the Indians, the Pakistanis and to the indigenous people of former colonies in the Far East on behalf of the "Brits".


For the bad things that "those Brits" did to these people.


The formula for the historic solution of the Armenian issue has been found. People from different countries apologize to the people of some other country for the bad things that another country did to them.


Haberin Devamı

In addition the country's parliaments have been taking over the authority of "rewriting history" or vice a versa for the bad things that one country did to some other nation.


In that case, for us, as Turks there is no problem. As for the Armenians; we now have a chance to solve this problem via proxies.


* * *

Let's leave aside the amusing aspect of it. I consider this "apology campaign" started by some Turkish intellectuals as a huge joke.


The text they had prepared is wonderful!


Now I am waiting with some trepidation to see just how many Turks join the most romantic campaign in the history. A million people? Maybe two, three, five million?


What if the number of people who sign does not reach the 47 percent that presents the national will?


Think about it: "The national will definitely does not apologize..."


We would be disgraced in eyes of Armenians.


* * *

Since Peter Gabriel has joined, I think we should place on the table all the issues that need apologizing for.


For example, who is going to apologize for the Turkish diplomats murdered by the ASALA terror organization?


We should find people from other countries since no Armenian, either from Armenia or the diaspora has come forward to do that.


Haberin Devamı

I propose an appeal to Mick Jagger. He will sign it for sure.


We should knock on Germany’s door to get apologizes for the Turks and Kurds who were slaughtered by the Armenian gangs in 1915, but the Germans have another apology issue to deal with.


What about the Turkish civilians who were killed in Thessaloniki during the Balkan Wars, despite the fact they had laid down their weapons.


Who is going to apologize of their behalf?


Do you think a Canadian might do it?


Leonard Cohen, for example.


No he won't - since he loves the Greeks and lived on a Greek island for years.

Haberin Devamı


Maybe it would be possible to find someone from Asia.


Let me warn you: It is easy to find someone who would come down hard on Turks but it is not so easy to find someone who to apologize for the Turks that were slaughtered.


* * *

Still it is a good thing to have a few Turkish intellectuals who would apologize on behalf of Turks.


In the future we will stand up in front of the whole world and say "Look, we have people who apologize. But there is not even one representative from them."


I sincerely support this campaign only to say that.

Haberin Devamı


And I promise to give my full backing, as Peter Gabriel has done, to signature campaigns that are launched for the all bad things that the Brits and French have done.


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