Ertugrul Ozkok: I am offering a deal to the Turkish Prime Minister

Yesterday I was listening to the speech Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan gave in the southeastern province of Gaziantep. He was supposed to be inaugurating the new academic year.

Haberin Devamı

But when you hear the tone of his voice...  

You might assume he is fighting with somebody; the same anger, the same rhetoric, full of hate…

A wonderful "role model" for the children of this country at the beginning of the school semester.

You should all be like him, kiddies.

Talk to your friend as if you are arguing with him.

With every sentence you slap the face of the person you are talking to. And he punches you in response.

But there was something interesting in his speech yesterday.

Erdogan needed to defend the involvement of members of his party in corruption, even at the inauguration of the school year.

If the Prime Minister of this country feels that he needs to make such a speech it means that the situation is not good at all.

* * *

As we listen to the Prime Minister, we have the court ruling regarding Cem Uzan.

Haberin Devamı

The court ordered him to get undertake a course on anger management. In an ironic twist of fate and judiciary, Uzan was punished for his remarks about Prime Minister Erdogan.

I am wondering whether if such a punishment should not be delivered for Erdogan given his assault campaign against our media group.

Of course he is the Prime Minister. He has immunity.

It is his natural right to attack private institutions, to harm their commercial reputation, to threaten people, to show them as targets.

Nobody can touch him.

Those who try to touch him would be burned and destroyed. But he gets away with what ever he does.

The one rule of Turkish politics that most befits the Copenhagen criteria is this:

Trying to create a media that emanates the same tone is among the classiest criteria of Copenhagen.

* * *

When I was listening to the Prime Minister, I thought this:

Is he really angry? Or is he playing the angry man?

He says: "If you shut up, I would too."

He started bargaining, but I could not understand what we were bargaining for.

I mean, are we not going to write that AKP members are involved in corruption?

And in return he would keep silent.

Honestly, I have never seen such a deal in my life.

Haberin Devamı

The best thing for everybody to do is to go back to doing what they do the best.

We should go back to journalism, and the Prime Minister to his angry rhetoric.

* * *

However I would like to remind the Prime Minister of some sad facts of life.

While he tries to shut us up, shouts angrily at the inauguration of the school year; everyday, we have 3-5 martyrs.

We expect our Prime Minister to show the same amount of effort that is being made to defend the members of his party involved in corruption, to finding ways to save the young people of this country.

It doesn't matter for us.

He can swear at us, finger us as targets, and have his supporter media put us in the headlines everyday.

Haberin Devamı

Just so long as he fights the corruption in his party.

And shows more interest in our youth fighting against terrorism up on the mountains.

Look, we hear cries of grief rising from 3-5 houses every night.

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