Erdogan's chaotic trip to hospital leads to major changes in security

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Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ekim 19, 2006 10:06

In the wake of a scene of tremendous chaos outside Ankara's Guven Hospital Tuesday mid-morning, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was rushed to the emergency room after fainting from what doctors said was hypoglycemia, experts are insisting that certain key changes must be made to the order which protects Turkey's Prime Minister.

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 At the top of the list of changes, according to Ankara sources, is that from now on, a doctor will accompany Erdogan on both domestic and international trips. Though Erdogan's own doctor, Koray Gursel, had accompanied the leader up until now on his programs outside of Ankara and abroad, Doctor Gursel will also now be included in Erdogan's entourage even within Ankara. An ambulance will also from now on be included as a part of Erdogan's normal convoy.

And with scenes of Erdogan's security detail trying to break open the window of the armored Mercedes which was carrying Erdogan Tuesday morning still fresh in peoples' minds, Ankara officials agree that chauffeurs driving the official vehicles used by the Prime Minister must from on go through special "crisis situation" training. Erdogan's chauffeur, Harun Kandemir, flung himself in a panic from the Mercedes Tuesday morning in front of Ankara's Guven Hospital, inadvertently leaving the keys to the car in the ignition, which meant the locks on none of the doors, which had shut automatically, could be opened. It took security detail members 10 minutes to break open the window of the armored Mercedes, valuable time, say doctors, who note that had Erdogan experienced any health problems more serious than a hypoglycemic faint, he could have died during that period.

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