DTP protests both Turkey's AKP and Ergenekon case

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DTP protests both Turkeys AKP and Ergenekon case
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ekim 19, 2008 16:03

Turkey's pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) held a protest meeting on Sunday against the ruling Justice and Development Party and the controversial Ergenekon case, which is due to start on Monday.

Haberin Devamı

The DTP meeting titled “The solution is not Ergenekon or the AKP, it is the democratic republic” was organized in the capital, Ankara.


Turkey has emerged from a very important period, the Ergenekon case, which will begin hearing tomorrow is a turning point in the life of Turkish politics, said DTP Mus deputy Nur Yaman speaking at the meeting.


The DTP also announced that it will monitor closely the trials in the Ergenekon case, in particular to find connection to murders committed by unknown assailants.

Haberin Devamı


A Turkish court will Monday begin hearing a case against 86 people accused of membership in a group that plotted to overthrow the country's Islamist-rooted government.


In the controversial case, the accused will answer about 30 separate charges ranging from membership in a terrorist organization and instigating an armed uprising against the government to arson and illegal possession of weapons.


Among the 86 suspects -- 46 of who are remanded in custody -- are retired army officers, leftist politicians, members of secularist associations, journalists, academics and underworld figures.


Many in Turkey still question whether this operation is really aimed at to crackdown an illegal gang or used as a mean to suppress the opposition.


Photo: Sefa Ozkaya

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