Cinema fire reveals historic Roman wall

İZMİR - A fire in a cinema in İzmir has unveiled a historical wall that can be traced back to Roman times.

Recently the Yeni Cinema in the historical neighborhood of Mezarlıkbaşı burned down in a fire started by unknown causes. When authorities inspected the wreckage of the building, an 11-meter historical wall and an arch belonging to the Roman era were discovered.

Archaeologist Akın Ersoy, the leader of a local excavation team, said this new discovery proved the importance of the İzmir agora, a meeting place in ancient times. Stating that Izmir had become synonymous with agoras, Ersoy said: "(The excavation) of the agora is the best heritage to leave behind for future generations. With the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the environment of the Izmir agora, one of the biggest and oldest agoras in the world, has been opened up and can now be seen by people from the Çankaya neighborhood. We have not started work on the wreckage of the cinema building yet but we believe this ancient site is two times bigger than the local agora site."
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