GeriGündem Bank hostage crisis is defused
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Bank hostage crisis is defused

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ISTANBUL - A hostage crisis at a bank came to an end yesterday after police disarmed the hostage taker at a bank branch at a popular tourist resort in western Turkey, a local senior official said.

The armed man took 15 hostages in the incident that took place in the Aegean tourist resort of Kuşadası and later released one woman, Celal Ulusoy, deputy governor of Aydın province told broadcaster CNN-Türk.

The would-be-robber later released a second hostage, TV channels reported, as police continue efforts to communicate with the armed suspect.Ulusoy had earlier told reporters that two men were involved in the robbery attempt.

About 30 policemen, armed with rifles, were stationed around the Vakıfbank branch and officials were calling on the robber, using a megaphone, not to harm those inside, the Anatolia news agency said.

Police had given the bank robber, who is reportedly armed with a rifle, a mobile phone number and asked him to call to negotiate, it also said. Later, police negotiated with at least one gunman holding several bank employees hostage, Anatolia reported.
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