23 being tested for bird flu in Istanbul

Twenty three people are now in hospital in Istanbul, 13 of which are children, and are being tested for the bird flu. Results from the 23 being tested are expected back soon, according to local press reports. If the tests prove positive, it will spark fears that the virus has now spread across Turkey to a city estimated to have some 12 million residents. Mehmet Bakar, Istanbul province deputy health director has said that initial tests on two dead chickens in the Istanbul district of Kucukcekmece indicated they were infected by the bird flu virus.

Haberin Devamı

A third test was being carried out to determine the definitive diagnosis.

"Twenty-one people under suspicion (of having bird flu) have been kept in hospital under observation. Samples have been taken from these people and sent to the laboratory for examination," Bakar was quoted as saying in Star newspaper.

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