• CRSEA: Russia and Turkey are building the cultural bridge between Europe and Asia

    Abone Ol

    CRSEA: Russia and Turkey are building the cultural bridge between Europe and Asia

    Istanbul, March 24 (DHA) - Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) Secretary General Andrei Krichevsky said, cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the field of intellectual property could drive major cross-border initiatives in Eurasia.
    Russian and Turkish representatives agreed that intellectual property in general and culture as its part are the important source of social and economic development, CRSEA Director General Ismail Mammadkarimov said, adding that, "The cross-border expert dialog on cultural exchange and development of intellectual property will let us to generate a common vision of the key industry points and to provide maximum benefits for rightholders and economies of Eurasian countries."
    "Political context is always unstable but the cultural relations in science and arts have to continue. Culture is a multi-purpose tool that promotes dialog" Andrei Krichevsky said. "Russia and Turkey have the same opinion about culture and intellectual property development. We must create system-level, comprehensive approaches. Russia strives to preserve and increase its national cultural and scientific achievements, promote state-of-the-art experiences and practices. Russia and Turkey have a lot to share and offer to the world."
    The CRSEA has created "Hypergraph" a new large-scale program for collective management of copyright and associated rights organizations. "Hypergraph is a software package that allows us to keep and process information about IP objects and rightholders, collect royalties and distribute rewards. That is the unique CRSEA technology and we hope that it could be useful for our colleagues from Turkey" Andrei Krichevsky said.
    The CRSEA representatives presented some cultural and educational projects realized by the “Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia”. They also told about an inter-state scholarship program aimed to the training of a new professionals in the sphere of intellectual property.
    Andrei Krichevsky pointed out that the program will provide scholarships and grants for students and teachers from Russian and Eurasian universities. Dozens of the best students will have an opportunity to study at the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property.
    The CRSEA members suppose that qualified and innovative staff has a great importance nowadays.
    "Digital world and a new platform-based economy requires different staff. We need both future intellectual property professionals and the qualified tutors for them" Andrei Krichevsky explained. "The most important task is to create a strong core of professionals for the digital economy and intellectual property. We also need to deliver the knowledge and vision of that intellectual property is a digital economy driver." (Photo)