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    Yacht captain found dead in Fethiye

    Hürriyet Haber
    23.08.2006 - 14:39 | Son Güncelleme:

    A Moroccan yacht captain, who had signed a contract to take a French family on a blue voyage in Fethiye, has been found dead on board the boat. The owner of the Belgian flagged yacht, "Latetia Blanda", Max Bassaro (60), his wife Marineno Bassaro (55), his son David Bassaro (25) and daughter-in-law Silvyia Bassaro (25) recently arrived in Turkey for the blue voyage.

    The French family hired Moroccan national 30 year old Friat Hicnan as yacht captain in Antalya's Finike town to take them on the blue voyage.

    During the voyage, the family and captain argued over a boat of the yacht that got lost.

    After Max Bassaro, the owner of the yacht, told Hicnan that he will file a complaint against him with the Turkish police, Hicnan took a knife and wounded Max Bassaro in his stomach and David Bassaro in his leg. The Bassaro Family alleged that Hicnan took four members of the Family as hostages.

    Hicnan diverted the yacht towards the Greek island of Rhodes. However the Bassaro Family jumped on Hicnan and began fighting with him. Subdued by family members Hicnan's hands were tied with rope.

    Once the yacht reached the Fethiye Gulf's Ece Saray Marina, the Bassaros asked for an ambulance.

    Fethiye Police and 112 Emergency Services teams arrived on scene and took Max and David Bassaro to Fethiye Lokman Hekim Hospital. While David Bassaro received a quick treatment, doctors at the hospital indicated that Max Bassaro's condition is critical.

    Max Bassaro told police inspectors that Hicnan assailed and wounded his family members.

    In a search performed by the police on board the yacht, Moroccan captain Hicnan was found dead. Hicnan's passport is also missing.

    Marineno Bassaro and David Bassaro have been taken into police custody.

    Hicnan has been sent to the morgue of the Fethiye State Hospital for autopsy.

    A full scale investigation into the matter is actually underway.



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