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    World Bank's Vorkink: EU talks will spur Turkish economy

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    10 Ekim 2005 - 13:15Son Güncelleme : 10 Ekim 2005 - 13:15

    Director of the Turkey Division of the World Bank, Andrew Vorkink, has stressed that his organization will be working closely with Brussels during the EU accession talks recently embarked upon by Turkey. Speaking about the financial support that Turkey could expect from the World Bank during its talks, Vorkink said "There are arenas which the EU has focused on without actually funding, such as the environment. We will fund areas like these. On the subject of the environment, there is such a need for money that at this point, even one billion Euro a year would not be enough."

    EU needs Turkey experts
    Interestingly, Vorkink noted that it not just Turkey which needs experts on the subject of the EU talks, but the EU which needs Turkey experts in the upcoming period: "There is a need for leadership in the EU where Turkey is concerned...Compared to what is happening now, they were able to carry out much more dramatic changes in other countries which started accession talks before. Turkey is a country very close to European standards and values. It will be a leader in the future."
    Vorkink also called on people not to forget the Spanish example, saying "Spain was in accession talks for 10 years. It was seen as very poor compared to England and Germany. Ireland was the same. But in 15 years, Ireland reached a GNP in the 60% of the rest of the EU. The secret to this business is decisiveness. It is important not to become depressed."
    Vorkink: EU talks will spur economic growth

    Speaking about the general effect of EU talks on the Turkish economy, Vorkink had this to say: "I believe that the accession talks will spur Turkey's growth. Because reforms and investment are increasing. This shows trust in Turkey. Think about last year and then look at this year. The most recent investment from Abu Dhabi. The prices offered in the bidding for Tupras and Erdemir. Prices higher than anything we expected were offered."




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