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Who fooled Turkey in the Hamas-Israel conflict?

A question circulates the increasingly secluded corridors of the Foreign Ministry headquarters: "How is that the Foreign Ministry failed to learn that Israel would attack Gaza prior to the operation? If they did know, how would they have reacted towards Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during his Ankara visit?"

This is a real test question for the government. A test question in the efforts to make Turkey "a solution center" in the Middle East... If the Foreign Ministry really had such a provision, then Turkey would not be seen as a country that is not aware of anything. As a result this war showed that:

 - The government, who built its foreign policy strategy on the basis that if a country wants to do anything to do in the region it should do it with Turkey, had been fooled in front of the whole world.


Not only Israel, but Hamas who sent 200 rockets into Israel, also fooled Turkey.

 They prepared their plans for war as the "peace talks" were underway. And Turkey, who is not aware of these preparations, sent a messages of "don't worry, we are solving the issues" to the world. This is the "trust gap" that has existed in the Middle East for years.

Hamas said "Ok" but still sent missiles into Israel... Israel, paid a visit to Turkey at the prime minister level and shook hands for "Middle East peace", but later launched a massive attack against Gaza... And now, Iran shouts declarations of radicalism at every occasion and says "Didn't I tell you so? No peace can be established with these Jews."

 So, what will Turkey do in these circumstances? 

What will these tears, meetings, harsh statements and protests against Israel count for? The ink on the December 18 defense agreement signed by Israel and Turkey had not even dried. Unmanned aircrafts was received from Israel just a month earlier... Our tanks are being modernized by Israel. There is a high trade volume between the two countries...

So what will Turkey do now? Will it end these contracts or deliver a note? Or will it cut ties with Israel? Are these any sort of solution and are they beneficial for Turkey?

Of course not.

I believe there is a way out of this situation. But in order to achieve it, Ali Babacan, Turkey’s foreign minister, should listen to the nation’s experienced diplomats... The 20 or so Turkish diplomats currently serving in the region have not even been invited to the capital Ankara and asked their opinions.

A comprehensive evaluation meeting has not even been held... However, these meetings could be far more effective than angry speeches in front of crowds, banner waving, shedding tears, and protesting Israel in remarks broadcast on television.
Because diplomacy is not carried out emotionally, but logically.

An Israeli official visiting Ankara said:

"Try to also understand us. Think about the mothers and children who rush to shelters daily when missile alarms sound. Hundreds of thousands of people residing in southern Israel live in a state of constant paranoia. What kind of psychology do the random missiles fired by Hamas create? We couldn't bear it any longer and said enough is enough."


I say this for anyone wondering what Israel has to say during this complicated period...