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    Washington Post column: The Armenian diaspora is mis-directing its energies

    Hürriyet Haber
    16 Ekim 2007 - 12:43Son Güncelleme : 16 Ekim 2007 - 13:43

    The Washington Post newspaper yesterday carried an opinion column by writer Fred Hiatt criticizing Armenian diaspora work on the allegations against Turkey.

    In his article, Hiatt notes, "Just think, if it worked as hard as the Armenian diaspora does on passing this bill, modern Armenia could actually be as democratic as modern Turkey." Hiatt also underlines the current economic conditions that prevail in Armenia, noting "What is sad is that while Congress members present this bill as a victory for human rights, the state of human rights in Armenia is actually very bad." Hiatt points out in his article also that while Armenian groups in the US are focused on making sure weapons are not sold to Azerbayjian, and that an anti-Turkey stance is maintained, they are ignoring the serious infractions against democracy taking place currently in Armenia.


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