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    US official reiterates support to Turkey in fight with PKK

    Hurriyet English with wires
    29.05.2008 - 17:46 | Son Güncelleme:

    The chairperson of a United States parliamentary delegation said on Thursday the U.S. would always support Turkey in its fight against the terrorist organization PKK.

    The threat of terrorism was discussed during all their talks in Turkey so far, John Tanner, chairperson of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATOPA) group of the U.S. House of Representatives told at a joint press conference with Vahit Erdem, chairperson of the NATOPA group of the Turkish parliament.


    Terrorism has been the biggest enemy of democracy, Tanner added during his speech at the conference after attending a luncheon held in his and the accompanying delegation's honor by Erdem.

    Tanner also said he expected to hold fruitful talks on issues related to NATO and security with Turkish officials, adding he would pay a visit to the Incirlik Base in the southern Adana province as well.

    Turkey's relations with the U.S. and NATO were mainly discussed during today's meeting, Erdem said during the conference.

    "The friendship between Turkey and the U.S. is based on a strong foundation, mutual interests and cooperation," he added.

    Erdem also said Turkish officials agreed with their U.S. counterparts on issues such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and matters possing a threat to human rights.





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