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    US: Baghdad determined in the struggle against PKK

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.08.2006 - 10:16 | Son Güncelleme:

    The US State Department has said that the Iraqi government is very determined to work in cooperation with Ankara in the fight against the PKK forces in Northern Iraq.

    Speaking at a press conference yesterday, US State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack said "A subject that the Baghdad administration is decisive on is working against the PKK in order to prevent them from attacking Turkish people from Iraqi soil. They will work closely with Ankara on this subject. We have had good meetings on this subject recently, and we expect these talks and meetings to continue. The shared aim is to prevent these attacks from occuring from Iraqi land."

    When reminded about Iraqi Kurdish leader Mesut Barzani's comments last week about Kurdish intent to "defend themselves against any attacks on Northern Iraqi soil," a comment which was interpreted as a warning to Ankara not to try and carry out an operation against PKK forces hiding there, McCormack said only "Everyone wants to find a solution."



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