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    Two ships collide off Bozcaada

    Hürriyet Haber
    29 Mart 2005 - 11:17Son Güncelleme : 29 Mart 2005 - 11:17

    A Turkish-flagged ship collided with a Georgian-flagged ship off Bozcaada island in the Aegean Sea, the search and rescue coordination center of the Maritime Undersecretariatsaid on Tuesday. The center stated that Turkish ship ''Sude 1'' collided with Georgian ship ''Aras 1'' off Bozcaada.

    Turkish ship en route from Ukraine to Aliaga port of Aegean city of Izmir was laden with 1,010 tons of clay, the center said.

    The center noted that the Georgian ship was en route from Nemrut port of Izmir to Russia, and was not carrying any cargo.

    The center said water leaked into the Turkish ship so the captain had it run aground 300 meters south of Bozcaada Harbor to prevent it from sinking.

    The center noted that the Georgian ship anchored at Karanlik port.



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