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    Turkish court rejects the release of anti-AKP journalist

    HotNewsTurkey with wires
    10.10.2008 - 17:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    A Turkish court rejected Friday lawyers' appeal for the release of four people including anti-AKP journalist Tuncay Ozkan detained as part of the controversial Ergenekon operation, while it ruled to release two others, Turkish news agencies reported.

    An Istanbul court rejected the appeal for the release of Ozkan, Adil Serdar Sacan, the former chief of Istanbul Anti-Organized Crime Department; Gurbuz Capan; a former mayor of Istanbul's Esenyurt district and Emcet Olcaytu, a writer of Aydinlik magazine.

    The court ruled to release retired judge colonel Tanju Guvendiren and doctor Huseyin Nazlikul.   

    The Ergenekon operation, which started in June 2007 with the discovery of grenades in a house in Istanbul’s Umraniye district, is allegedly a crackdown on an illegal organization believed to be planning provoking events that would pave the way for a military coup to overthrow the ruling AKP government.

    The detainees will be charged with a number of crimes including “forming an armed terrorist organization, being a member of a terrorist organization, and aiding the organization.”

    The 2455-page "Ergenekon" indictment has been filed at an Istanbul court, indicting 86 people, 47 of who are being held in jail.

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