Turkish Airlines begins US, UK electronic device ban

27.03.2017 - 18:42Son Güncelleme :
Turkish Airlines begins US, UK electronic device ban

İstanbul, Mar 27 (DHA) – Turkish Airlines has started implementing regulations forbidding passengers from Middle Eastern and North African countries from carrying electronic devices larger than cell phones aboard the plane on Saturday, the national carrier said on its website.
Turkish Airlines personnel have reportedly taken passengers’ electronic devices such as tablets and laptops at boarding gates to store them in special containers, as reported.
The first warning to passengers is made at check-in counters. Transit passengers are informed at transit halls.
Passengers are asked to leave large electronic devices, including tablets, cameras and laptops, to be stored in a solid baggage. Passengers’ data are written on each package and put in a special baggage to be taken to the cargo section of the respective airplane.
The baggage is delivered by a specialized staff after the airplane lands and is later submitted over to its owners at the baggage delivery point.
Turkish Airlines said it guarantees that passengers’ devices will not be damaged or lost, according to company representatives.
The company also accelerated its works to offer free Wi-Fi services during flights to avoid the negative effects of the U.S. and U.K. ban, according to company representatives.


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