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    Turkey's EU negotiator calls on opposition to support membership bid

    Anatolian Agency
    27.04.2009 - 14:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - Turkey's chief negotiator for European Union accession talks on Monday urged the country's opposition parties and civil society organizations to show their support for Turkish membership in the union.

    "No one has said, 'The EU does not befit us and we will not extend support,' and now it is high time for them to show their sincerity," Egemen Bagis told an Istanbul meeting of the Turkey-EU Joint Consultation Committee.


    The EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee is composed of 18 members from the European Economic and Social Committee and 18 members representing organized civil society in Turkey.


    They meet twice a year to discuss different topics of mutual interest that are relevant to civil society. The main purpose is to ensure the involvement of organized civil society in the accession negotiation process.


    "We all need to show our selfless devotion and own this cause," Bagis said.


    The Turkish negotiator also rejected what he described as "exceptional pre-conditions" before Turkey's membership, criticizing "certain EU countries which tried to put forward secret membership criteria."


    "We are utterly disturbed by the exceptional pre-conditions, and we express our rejection to that," he said.




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