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    Turkey's AKP continues its criticism against judiciary

    Hurriyet English
    23.05.2008 - 12:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey's Islamist-rooted ruling AKP continued its criticism against the judiciary on Friday, saying the country's judicial bodies has lost their independence by making political statements. (UPDATED)

    "A judiciary that makes political statement has lost its independence... Our duty is to defend politics and democracy; and move it forward," said Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, deputy chairman of the AKP.

    "The statements released by the Supreme Court and the Council of State at this conjuncture, at a time when no criticisms were being cited against them, reveals that they are partial in the mentioned cases," Firat said in his keynote speech delivered at the AKP provincial meeting in Ankara.

    In March, Turkey's top prosecutor filed a lawsuit against the ruling AKP claiming the party had become "the focal point of anti-secular activities," a move that was motivated by the Turkish parliament passing a bill to amend the constitution to lift the headscarf ban in universities in February ahead of much needed reforms.

    "Certainly, the rule of law is the basis of a democratic regime and democracy requires that everyone respect that law. Efforts to use the law as a medium for politicizing issues, reveals that the law is being manipulated on matters as it suits," Firat said in his keynote speech delivered at the AKP provincial gathering in Ankara.


    Firat also said, as there is no opposition in Turkey that contributes to the strength of democracy, and “it is our duty to represent all the dynamics of Turkey.”


    Turkey's Supreme Court, with the backing of another high court, harshly criticized the government for attempting to create a "judiciary controlled by an executive body." The AKP government, already under pressure because of the closure case, slammed the Court's statement saying it cannot make political statements.

    In an attempt to soothe the recent concerns that the conflict between the government and the judiciary could turn into a wider crisis, he said, everybody should feel comfortable because Turkey will not be dragged into a "whirlpool."

    The war of words between the government and the judiciary is another sign that the Turkish government is at odds with state organs over its Islamist policies amid growing public discomfort.

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