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    Turkey urges objective evaluation of joint history with Armenia

    Anatolian Agency
    29 Nisan 2009 - 09:43Son Güncelleme : 29 Nisan 2009 - 09:52

    ANKARA - Turkey and Armenia's joint history should be evaluated with "an objective and scientific approach," the Turkish National Security Council, or MGK, said after a meeting held Tuesday.

    "The joint history of the Turkish and Armenian nations should be evaluated with an objective and scientific approach that is supported by undisputable proofs and documents and is free of all pre-conceived notions," the MGK said in a statement issued after the meeting.


    The MGK discussed Turkey's possible additional contributions to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.


    The MGK said that issues pertaining to Turkey's security were discussed and a will to continue the fight against terror under the framework of democracy and the rule of law was emphasized.


    "We have evaluated our relations with Iraq and discussed in detail the fight against terrorist incidents stemming from north of Iraq,” the MGK said. “The issue of Turkey's energy needs was discussed from political, strategic and diplomatic perspectives. We welcome with pleasure the early elections that took place in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in a peaceful atmosphere.”




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