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    Turkey stars in European headlines this week

    Hürriyet Haber
    05.10.2005 - 09:24 | Son Güncelleme:

    The start-up of Turkey's EU accession talks on Monday night caused wide-spread sensation through the European press this week. From headlines welcoming Turkey to the EU to headlines referring to the "new EU borders," a naive newspaper reader could have well been forgiven for thinking that the talks had finished and Turkey had already been accepted, based simply on the headlines. A brief look at some of the more noteable treatments of the topic in a variety of European newspapers:

    Elefterotipia newspaper:  Hosgeldin (in Turkish), ama yavas yavas (Turkish sound, but spelled out in Greek letters). Turkey has accepted tough conditions, and talks have started.
    Etnos newspaper: We paid the passport fees for Turkey. The visa stamp is from the US.
    To Vima newspaper: Tough bargaining followed by an agreement, thanks to Condi.
    Apoyavmatini newspaper: EU road opens to Turkey at last minute. Countdown has begun for Turkey to join the European family.
    Southern Cyprus
    Fileleftheros newspaper: Turkey's presence in EU thanks to US. Straw and Solana take Turkey's cause into their own hands.
    Simerini newspaper: Turkey gets the ticket.
    Politis newspaper: The express train left Luxemburg at midnight. Everyone has added water to their wine. (Reference to Turkish raki, to which water is added.)
    The Independent newspaper: Europe's new frontier
    The Guardian newspaper: Europe embraces Turkey
    La Repubblica newspaper: EU doors open to Turkey. US insistence plays big role in decision.
    Corriere della Sera newspaper: Fear of Turks thing of the past
    Il Messaggero newspaper: Austria unable to stand up to British diplomacy and US pressure
    Bild newspaper: Why do Austrians have a complex about the Turks?


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