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    Turkey sees continuation of foreign financial support

    Anatolian Agency
    25.10.2008 - 11:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    International bodies' support including European Investment Bank (EIB) to Turkey is growing despite the global financial turbulence, Turkish Economy Minister Mehmet Simsek said on Friday.

    As well as providing loans to private sector companies, EIB also supported the enlivening small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey, Simsek said at a joint pres conference with EIB' President Philippe Maystadt in Istanbul.


    Simsek said EIB started its operations in Turkey approximately 40 years ago and the amount of total loans EIB provided to Turkey exceeded 10 billion euros between 2000-2008.


    He said 5.3 billion euros of this was in the form of direct loans while the rest was provided to private sector companies through banks.


    EIB showed the importance it attached to cooperation with Turkey by taking a decision to open two offices in a country, for the first time in its history, he added.


    Simsek said they opened EIB's office in Ankara on Thursday adding that they would open its office in Istanbul on Friday.


    He said the opening of EIB's offices in Turkey would contribute to more effective management of Turkey's country portfolio as well as enabling a more productive cooperation between EIB and Turkey.


    European Investment Bank President Philippe Maystadt said that his bank would grant 2.2 billion euros of loans to Turkey in 2009 and this amount would be higher in case of special projects.


    Maystadt also said that Turkish economy was much more resistant to external shocks than the past, adding that it would be less affected by the global financial turmoil when compared to other countries in the region thanks to Turkey's strong banking system and public finance.

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