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    15.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme: 15.03.2005 - 00:01

    These are some of the major headlines and their summaries in Turkish press on March 15th, 2005. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.    HURRIYET (LIBERAL)SIX MEASURES FOR SAFE STREETSPolice chiefs of Turkey's 81 cities held a three-day meeting in capital Ankara as there has been an increase in crimes. Gokhan Aydiner, director general of Turkish Security Department, explained those measures to Hurriyet daily. The Security Department is preparing a ''public security project'' against the increasing crimes in metropolises. To prevent increase in crimes, number of policemen will be increased and policemen will be deployed almost everywhere like streets, trains, market places and in front of banks and during demonstrations and sports games. Police will raid on several places, especially jewelry shops, to capture thieves who attempt to sell the goods they stole. Informative booklets will be distributed to people. Efforts are under way to increase punishments and give deterrent punishments. Municipalities will be asked to illuminate all the streets.    MACEDONIA WILL NEVER FORGET YOUMacedonian Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski, who is visiting Ankara today, answered questions of Hurriyet daily. Buckovski said, ''we can never forget recognition of our independence by Turkey immediately (after we declared it) and recognition of our constitutional name by Turkey in all official documents and its efforts for our NATO membership. We are grateful to Turkey.'' Buckovski said that good political relations should also be reflected to economy. Noting that the aim of his visit was to improve economic relations, Buckovski called on Turkish businessmen to invest in his country.    MILLIYET (LIBERAL)'DO WE HAVE IRAQ POLICY? NO''Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Yasar Buyukanit drew attention that the terrorist organization PKK was re-structuring itself in both Turkey and Iraq. Noting that Turkey hung back its fight against terrorism today when compared with 1999, Buyukanit asked, ''do we have an Iraq policy?'' and he answered himself, ''no.''  'SYRIA'' CALL FROM AMBASSADORU.S. Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman sent a message to Ankara regarding the pressure of the international community on Syria. Edelman said, ''we hope Turkey will stand-by the international community. But, of course whether to join the international community will certainly be Turkey's own decision.''    SABAH (LIBERAL)FIRST EXCEPTION GRANTED TO MITAn intermediary formula was found for the new penal code criticized by especially the police and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). MIT will be authorized to tap telephones on basis of ''preventive intelligence'' under an article to be added to the law.    POLICE WAS PROVOKEDElkatmis, chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Monitoring Commission, commenting on the incidents which occurred in Istanbul during the demonstration held to mark the March 8th International Women's Day, said, ''the stance of police is unacceptable. But, there was provocation against the police in such incidents.'' CUMHURIYET (LEFT)UNITED STATES INTIMIDATESU.S. Ambassador to Turkey Eric Edelman said that the international community was in a full consensus of opinion about withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon and gave the message that Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer's scheduled visit to Damascus was not timely. Edelman stressed that they hoped Turkey to take its place in the front that was formed against Damascus, and said, ''of course whether to join the international community will be Turkey's own decision.''   ''DANGER AT THE DOOR''Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said what he actually aimed to say with his statements about an increase in the number of members of the terrorist organization was to ''draw attention to a threat''. Buyukanit said, ''today, we face a much serious difficulty than the one in 1999. Today, we don't have the counter terrorism elements we had in the past. Many changes happened including the amendments to several laws.''    RADIKAL (LEFT)MOST ASHAMED CANCELLATION DECISION OF HIGH COURTThe Constitutional Court cancelled provisions of the law  authorizing property sale to foreigners under some circumstances. The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) had asked for the cancellation of the law. The decision will be enforced three months after it is published in the Official Gazette. So, the former sales and the sales within this three months will be considered as valid. Constitutional Court Deputy Chairman Kilic said, ''this decision doesn't mean that no property will be sold to foreigners.''    TURKEY IS EU LEADER IN GROWTHTurkey was ranked the first among European Union (EU) member and candidate states in growth with its growth rate of 9.6 percent in 2004. The average growth rate of 25 members of the EU was 2.5 percent.    TURKIYE (RIGHT)GUL: TRUST US AND YOU WINAddressing foreign businessmen in Britain, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said, ''Turkey has been a country of opportunities throughout the history. We have reduced inflation rate and bureaucratic obstacles and laid the necessary ground for foreign investors. We now invite you to our country. Those who trust Turkey and decide to make business in Turkey will be the winners.''    NEGOTIATIONS WILL START ON OCT. 3RDTurkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, who is visiting Britain that will take over the rotating presidency of the EU in July, met his British counterpart Jack Straw. Gul said that Turkey maintains its determination of becoming an EU member while Straw said, ''negotiations will be launched on October 3rd as scheduled.''    ZAMAN (CONSERVATIVE)PROPERTY SALE TO FOREIGNERS BANNED, TOURISM EMPLOYEES CONCERNEDThe Constitutional Court cancelled provisions of the law envisaging property sale to foreigners. Tourism employees and foreign investors think that Turkey will lose a great deal of income. Turkey earned 1.3 billion USD from property sales to foreigners last year.    90 PERCENT OF VILLAGES DEMOLISHEDAfter the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that rocked Karliova town of Turkey's eastern city of Bingol last weekend, the area was jolted again yesterday (Monday) by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. No people died since citizens spent the night in tents and in the streets. However, 90 percent of houses were demolished in Bingol's villages. The number of the injured was announced as 19.    YENI SAFAK (CONSERVATIVE)STUDENTS WAIT FOR PARDONStudents who are waiting for an amnesty for their return to universities asked parliamentarians to adopt the law envisaging student pardon with 330 votes.    REASON OF STAGNATION IS HIGH INTERESTSAdministrators of private finance institutions say that high real interest rates cause stagnation in the markets. Osman Akyuz, secretary general of Private Finance Institutions Union, said that the real interest rates were still high, and added, ''there is a serious pressure on the currency caused by the hot money. Therefore, measures should be taken. Also, this triggers current accounts deficit.''  


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