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    Turkey plans to offer joint action against PKK to northern Iraqi leaders

    HotNewsTurkey Staff
    11.10.2008 - 08:56 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey is considering to invite the leader of the regional administration in northern Iraq to discuss the possible measure that can be taken in fight against the terror organization, PKK. (UPDATED)

    NTV said Ankara plans to convey its demands from the regional administration in northern Iraq in its fight against PKK directly to Nechirvan Barzani.


    Such a move would signal an important policy shift in Turkey's approach to northern Iraq administration. Turkey has long blamed the administration for supporting the PKK and refused to hold contacts.


    Turkey's decision came after 17 soldiers killed in a PKK attack in Oct 3. Turkey had intensified its campaign to crackdown the terror organization and the parliament had extended the mandate given to military to carry out cross border operations.  


    "There is no information that the PKK acquires weapons from Barzani. The attackers came from the areas (in northern Iraq) that are  not under control of Barzani. Although it is no adequate for Turkey, a new framework with the cooperation with the administration would be drawn," an official told CNNTurk.


    Ankara had demanded Barzani to intensify checks on the border, to prevent the PKK terrorists hide in the residential areas of the northern Iraq and cut the logistic routes of the organization.


    Vatan daily said the sides would also discuss the possibility of a joint military operation against the PKK.


    Following the first contact, which was held after another PKK attack late in 2007, the northern Iraq administration took several steps but those were not satisfactory.


    "If we are going to isolate the terror organization, then we should draw a line between the northern Iraq administration and the PKK," CNNTurk quoted a Turkish official as saying.


    The Turkish officials are expected to underline the importance of "joint measures against a common enemy," the report added.


    The direct contacts with the Kurdish administration in northern Iraq are expected to start soon, it said.



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