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    Turkey offers Spain to cooperate on Panama project

    Hurriyet English with wires
    25.06.2008 - 11:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen on Wednesday invited Spanish contractors to Turkey and offered to cooperate in the Panama Strait expansion project, which Spanish construction firms were awarded.

    Tuzmen, who is currently on a formal visit to Spain, said Spanish contractors won the bid to for the Panama Strait expansion project worth 12 billion euros, adding, "We, as Turkish contractors want to take place in this project," CNNTurk reported.


    Tuzmen met with David Taguas, president of the Association of Spanish Contractors (SEOPAN), in Madridon on Wednesday.


    We want to cooperate with Spanish construction firms and we have invited Spanish contractors to visit Turkey, Tuzmen said, and added, we will come together to discuss projects later in the year. Turkish and Spanish contractors could jointly work on projects in the Middle East, the Gulf, Caucasus, Caspian Sea, as well as Central Asian republics and North Africa, he added.


    Twenty-two Turkish companies are listed among the world's largest 225 contracting companies and cooperation between the Turkish and Spanish construction sectors would be enhanced with the cooperation, Tuzmen added.


    The Turkish construction sector earned $1.4 billion working in foreign countries in 2002, this figure increased to $20 billion in 2007, Tuzmen said. 


    Taguas said that they were exerting efforts to boost cooperation with Turkey, and the two countries could work in North Africa, which had a huge deficiency in infrastructure.


    "We can cooperate easily with Turkey in North Africa... Your (Turkey's) experiences in Gulf Countries and Russia are very important for us. Sure, we bring our experiences in West Europe and South America," Taugas said, adding that they accepted Tuzmen's invitation to visit in the fall.



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