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    Turkey, Hungary, Germany sign joint 2010 Culture Capital project

    Anatolian Agency
    04 Ekim 2008 - 15:20Son Güncelleme : 04 Ekim 2008 - 15:45

    Turkey, Hungary, and Germany signed a joint statement regarding cooperation between the country's parliaments for the 2010 European Capital of Culture Istanbul-Pecs-Essen Project on Saturday.

    Turkish Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan met with Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary Katalin Szili and German Parliament Speaker Nobert Lammert within the scope of Istanbul: 2010 European Capital of Culture.


    "The world, which is distressed by terrorism and crises, needed such a window. I sincerely applaud the 2010 project," Toptan said after signing of the joint statement.


    Szili stressed to the importance of dialogue between the cultures, adding that "2010 is a big opportunity. Excellent relations between the countries and this project should be an example to the world."


    Lammert also said it was important to include Turkey in the project although it was not an EU member.


    The parliament speakers would encourage the initiatives of the Culture Commissions of the parliaments and parliamentary friendship groups to support the project, according to the statement.




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