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    Turkey considers all year day-light saving

    Hurriyet English with wire dispatches
    13.03.2008 - 17:04 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish Energy Minister Hilmi Guler said on Thursday the government is considering whether the day-light saving could be implemented in the country all year round, Anatolian Agency reported.

    After having a lunch with businessmen at German Embassy in Ankara, Guler told reporters that clocks usually were advanced forward one hour at the end of last week of March and set back by an hour at the end of last week of October. "We consider that the day-light saving time may be implemented all year round, but we did not make a firm decision on the matter yet," he said.       

    However the clocks will no longer be taken back by one hour after March, pro-government Yeni Safak quoted as Guler saying on Tuesday.

    The Energy Ministry's proposition sparked reaction from Foreign Ministry. They object this proposal saying this will increase time difference with Europe and will have negative effect on trade relations.




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