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    Tufan Turenc: Erdogan acting as though Istanbul is his own private farm

    Hürriyet Haber
    12.10.2005 - 14:19 | Son Güncelleme: 12.10.2005 - 14:19

    It is not close who they are. But it is being claimed that some so-called area residents have a need for a new mosque, and in the middle of the area park, they are building a mosque. The park in question is one of Istanbul's few green spaces, the Goztepe Park. The city municipality, acting as though it was an urgent question, blinked and allowed for the construction of the mosque.

    The Prime Minister, who thinks he owns Istanbul, approved the venture, saying, "build the mosque."
    That's how it is you know: In Istanbul, and in Goztepe Park, permission comes from Tayyip. It concerns no one else.
    The other day, they welcomed the Dubai Prince to Istanbul. Tayyip Erdogan hosted the prince and his entourage himself. The Prime Minister is allowing His Excellency the Prince to invest in land around Levent, Zincirlikuyu, and the Formula One race tracks.
    And the prince must have really liked these areas, because he signed an agreement for an investment worth 5 billion dollars with the Istanbul Municipality. What, do these areas belong personally to the Prime Minister that he can say "I offered them up, and they are sold"?
    It seems likely that the Prime Minister has forgotten that Turkey is a nation governed by the state. The Galataport situation happened under the same mentality. All of these things have occured without conferring with the people of Istanbul, without any attention for laws.
    The surprising thing is to see Prime Minister Erdogan act as though he sees all of Istanbul as his own private farm.
    A question like "Isn't the person really responsible Mayor Kadir Topbas?" may come to mind. But if this is what you think, you are clearly wrong.




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