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    Transcript of Turkish, Israeli leaders’ phone conversation issued

    Hurriyet DN Online with wires
    30 Ocak 2009 - 18:08Son Güncelleme : 30 Ocak 2009 - 18:45

    Israel's President Shimon Peres called Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan after Thursday's spat at Davos in a bid to sooth the tension. A transcript of the taped telephone conversation between the leaders was issued on Friday.

    Erdogan stormed out of a heated debate on the Gaza war with Peres at the Davos forum on Thursday. He said after the incident that his reaction targeted the moderator who, he said, did not give him the floor to speak, and criticized the audience for applauding Peres's defense of the conflict against Hamas.


    Turkey's state-run Anatolian Agency said Peres apologized in a 5-minute telephone conversation that took place after the incident. The Israeli presidency denied Friday that Peres apologized during the conversation.


    Here is a full transcript of the conversation issued by the Anatolian Agency later on Friday.


    Peres: Such things happen between friends. I am very sorry for today's incident. Firstly, my respect towards the Turkish republic and you a prime minister has never changed.


    Erdogan: Firstly, of course. There is no doubt that such arguments can happen between friends. But nobody can even speak to a tribe leader so loudly and in front of the international community, and not to the leader of the Republic of Turkey.


    Peres: I raised my voice. In fact my friends tell me that I have a quiet voice. This has nothing to do with my relationship with the prime minister of the Republic of Turkey. I am very sorry for what happened today.


    Erdogan: I heard that you are going to hold a press conference.


    Peres: Not today, but tomorrow.


    Erdogan: If you express these sincere feelings, which I believe you will, in tomorrow's press conference, I assume this problem will be mostly overcome.


    Peres: Of course I will publicly express these remarks.


    Erdogan: Thank you very much for your call Mr. President.


    Peres: I thank you and wish you a nice flight.





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