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    Throughout Turkey, protestors “damn” terrorism

    Hürriyet Haber
    28 Ekim 2007 - 14:16Son Güncelleme : 28 Ekim 2007 - 14:16

    Protests that began following the deaths of 12 Turkish soldiers in a treacherous PKK ambush in Hakkari are continuing throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to damn terror in Turkey and throughout Europe in a show of determination to the rest of the world.



    All of Anatolia is standing up together against terror. As days go by after the bloodshed in Hakkari, the streets continue to overflow with anti-terror protests. Attendance appears to be increasing at demonstrations in all four corners of the country.

    Hundreds of thousands took to the streets again yesterday. Protesters shouted slogans such as ‘Martyrs will not die; the motherland will not be divided’ as emotions peaked.Other slogans included: “Terror cannot divide us,” “Turks and Kurds are brothers” and “the PKK are rats!”



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