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    Three more women become victims

    04.03.2005 - 12:53 | Son Güncelleme: 04.03.2005 - 12:53

    The total death toll from drinking fake raki has reached 18, not stopping at raki, there has been one death reported by drinking fake vodka, raising concerns that vodka may also be contaminated. All of the women, who died yesterday, died from drinking rakı in restaurants and bars. Dozens more are in need of medical treatment after drinking the illegally produced spirits.
      12 people died after drinking bootleg raki

    Thirty-two year old Ebru Yapağacı died in hospital after being poisoned last Saturday night when she went out with friends. Forty-five year old Redme Aydemir drank poisonous rakı at a restaurant near the Eminönü Balık Hali. The vodka victim died yesterday in the hospital after drinking vodka at home.



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