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    Three Locations Considered in Iraq

    Hürriyet Haber
    13.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The General Staff announced that the location of Turkish troops in Iraq was not clarified yet, but three regions were considered. The General Staff specified these am Al Ambar State including the Baghdad-Jordan high way, the Selahaddin State and the Northern part of Al Ambar. The General Staff said that it prefered one of the first two regions to send troops and the number of these will be determined after the location is decided.    In a press briefing at the headquarters for the press, Operations Director General Yavuz Yalcin said that they were aware of the public service rendered by the media and they believed that all section must give all support to overcome difficulties in carrying out this duty. Yalcin said that in case of absence of providing sufficient information, this led to misevaluations in the public and such briefing will prevent future misunderstanding. .  He said that "The security of Iraq has a direct impact on Turkey's security which has learned it from very bitter experience. Turkey has paid a very high price, because of the security, threat and risks stemming from Iraq," he said.        Yalcin added that  The majority of tribes which they contacted in Iraq wanted Turkish troops to come to their country, for their security.           He said that a Turkish commander will administer the troops going from Turkey in full coordination and collaboration with the U.S. commander. PKK-KADEK Yalcin said that "PKK-KADEK is a vital issue for Turkey. Turkey will carry out this fight with U.S. which labels it as a terrorist organization, when necessary."  "Sending troops to Iraq and the joing fight against KADEK with U.S. are independent from each other" he said. 


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