Thousands of Kurds demonstrate on Nevruz

Hürriyet Haber
20 Mart 2006 - 10:38Son Güncelleme : 20 Mart 2006 - 10:39

Thousands of Kurds took to the streets during the The Persian New Year, Nevruz, celebrations in Turkey in protest of the imprisonment of the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan and his terrorist organization the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). More 10,000 Kurds turned out In Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district carrying pictures of Ocalan at a gathering that was closely watched by hundreds of riot police.

In the Aegean port of Izmir, police used tear gas to break up a demonstration by an estimated 5,000 Kurds.

In Hakkari, on the Iranian border, Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk from the Democratic Turkey Party told a rally attended by thousands that Ankara should open up a dialogue with the PKK to agree on a peace deal.




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