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    The Secret Of Two Letters Which Papadopulous Refuses To Sign

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    13.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    SEDAT ERGINSedat Ergin says that , the speech made by Greek Cypriot leader Papadopulous, calling on his people to vote against the Annan Plan, showed that his real concern was about the European Court for Human Rights. The Greek Cypriot leader had then said that “The Annan Plan demands from me to send a letter to EU to ask incorporating the agreement into EU’s Primary Law so as to prevent my citizens from petitioning to ECHR. And there is a second letter which demands from me to scrap all the pending dossiers about the return of properties. For me, asking these, is out of the question.”” Ergin says “If the Plan is passed in the referenda, the Co-Presidents of United Cyprus will have to sign both letter. These letters were inserted into the Annan Plan, with the insistence of the Turkish side. Especially the second letter, is important as it regulates the property regime after 1974. ...“What is the consequence of the message to be sent to ECHR? First, there is the ruling of the high court, demanding from Turkey to pay a fine of 1.2 million dollar to Greek Cypriot woman Lozidiu. This finalized verdict is awaiting the ruling of the Ministers Council meeting of 2005. The second group is about a law suit launched against Turks in 2001 and is also pending. IN addition, there are rulings about Demados and Evgenya. The compensation payable by Turkey to these people, awaited the conclusion of Cyprus talks. The third group is about 47 complaints filed by Greek Cypriots against Turks. And in the last category, there are 645 complaints. ..”
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