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    The research ship ’Akdeniz Su’ put to sea

    Doğan News Agency
    23 Nisan 2009 - 00:00Son Güncelleme : 22 Nisan 2009 - 18:10

    ANTALYA - A ship starts its journey in the Mediterranean but this one is not for tourism. The ship named ’Akdeniz Su’ will examine the waters in various aspects such as biodiversity, pollution and marine life

    Akdeniz Su, the research ship prepared by Akdeniz University for investigations on various subjects such as biodiversity, pollution and marine life, was put to sea with a ceremony.

    The ship was bought from Trabzon approximately one year ago by the university and its equipment was installed at Manavgat. Akdeniz Su will perform research on many types of fish, including the highly-poisonous puffer fish, which eliminates other species.

    Akdeniz Su is 26.5 meters long and 8.5 meters wide. It features six cabins, a cold storage depot, a laboratory, and devices for cruising, communication, locating fish and weather reports.

    Opening ceremony
    The ceremony at Kaleiçi Marina was attended by Antalya Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, Professor İsrafil Kurtcephe, Chancellor of Antalya University Zafer Köken, Bar President Professor Nalan Gökoğlu, Dean of Faculty of Aquaculture at Antalya University and many of the academic staff and Aquaculture Faculty students.

    Gökoğlu said that the ship will research all of Turkey’s seas and some international waters as well. "It has been transformed into a vessel that may stay at open sea without entering a harbor for two weeks." Gökoğlu said at a time when marine life is threatened and seas are polluted, they plan to do every kind of sea research with the aid of this ship.

    Gökoğlu said in recent years, species like puffer fish have been coming to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.

    "Of course, these species are taking the places of domestic species, causing their elimination. These matters should be investigated. Which species are migrating from the Red Sea, their numbers and the migration’s effects of domestic species should be looked into. On the other hand, species like swordfish and tuna fish are reducing in numbers. For this reason their population and spawning grounds should be determined," he said.

    Gökoğlu said the ship will be helpful for establishing a fishing policy by providing data on hunting statistics. "Alongside works of biodiversity at sea, research will focus on fish migrations, determining endangered species for their protection, setting hunting prohibitions and developing hutting methods for sustainable fishing," Gökoğlu said, and added that they will provide the means to help underwater archeology projects if granted the necessary equipment.

    Thanks for Akaydın
    Professor Kurtcephe reminded that the better part of the world is water and thanked Mayor Akaydın for his contributions in buying the ship during his time as the Chancellor of Akdeniz University.

    Mayor Akaydın pointed out that it was the first official ceremony of Antalya University since he left the title of Chancellor and spoke on how they had bought the ship, worth 1 million Turkish Liras, for 500,000 liras with great difficulties. Akdeniz Su set sail after Akaydın and Kurtcephe came onboard and made inspections.


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