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    The bracelet which moved the ambassador to tears

    Hürriyet Haber
    11.10.2005 - 15:57 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Pakistani Embassy in Ankara has been flooded with offers of help in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Pakistan. According to Ambassador Seyid Iftikhar Huseyin Shah, telephones at the embassy have not stopped ringing, with offers of aid coming in from everyone from Turkish students to politicians to state employees. Ambassador Shah related two of these more memorable offers of help to Hurriyet:

    "Yesterday a man, whose name I learned was Osman Nuri Gunay, came to speak with me at the Embassy. He explained how sorry he was about the earthquake. He pulled out a little box he had with him, and I saw a gold bracelet inside. "Please take this," he said, "it is my wife's bracelet. Use it to help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan." Despite my protestations, he wouldn't take back this offer. Both of us started crying."
    Ambassador Shah also related a phone call which came in to the embassy this week:
    "Another Turkish citizen called us by phone, and spoke of her sadness at the earthquake. She said "I do not have very much money, but I would like to donate blood to my brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Please let me donate some blood." I was also brought to tears by this offer."
    In the meantime, the Ankara Municipality has announced that it will be sending a million dollars in cash to the Islamabad Municipality in aid. The Turkish Red Cross in cooperation with cell phone companies Turkcell, Telsim, and Avea has also set up telephone numbers by which people can donate money to relief efforts simply by sending a short text message,


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