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    Supreme Election Council President: Everyone to the polls

    Hürriyet Haber
    21 Temmuz 2007 - 14:53Son Güncelleme : 21 Temmuz 2007 - 15:53

    With less than 24 hours to go until the elections, the President of The Supreme Election Council (YSK), Muammer Aydın, has called on all citizens to cast their votes.

     “In my opinion, fining non-voters is an outdated concept”, Aydın said, adding that repeated votes would be rendered impossible by the computerised voting system in use for the first time in this election.

    Stating that all the preparations for the elections are complete, Aydın has given the following  message regarding the elections:“All citizens should absolutely cast their vote for this election. It is every citizen’s responsibility to do so. It looks as though there will not be a problem of repeated votes in this election. Every citizen’s registration has been completed in a computerized environment. 40 million citizens’ identity numbers were found and registered. We were unable to find 1.5 million voters’ identity numbers. These citizens will be able to vote providing they turn up at the polling station with their identity cards. Our aim is for all 41.5 million voters to be registered.”




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