SnowValley or profit rally

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17 Şubat 2007 - 15:02Son Güncelleme : 17 Şubat 2007 - 15:02

Newsday, an American newspaper, recently published a critical report about an entrepreneur who was allocated two hundred acres of old railroad lands by the Turkish government to build a $700m covered ski resort in Afyonkarashisar though he has never completed a project.

"[A] trail of financial failures and half-started enterprises follows Stewart and his North American chief executive, Delbert Freedline," Newsday revealed. "Over the past decade, the two have announced the same type of indoor ski resort, and a variety of other athletic and economic development ventures, from Connecticut and the shores of Lake Erie to Lugano in Switzerland, Paris, Scotland, Poland and now Turkey."

According to Newsday, Stewart blames past failures on a string of bad business partners. If built, the SnowValley resort in Afyon would be the largest indoor skiing facility in the world.




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