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    Sezer backs efforts to save Allianoi

    Hürriyet Haber
    10 Ekim 2005 - 12:08Son Güncelleme : 10 Ekim 2005 - 12:08

    Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer is supporting efforts to save the ancient city of Allianoi, close to the Aegean town of Bergama, which is the site of one of the best preserved Roman baths in the world. Representatives from the Allianoi Initiative Group, an environmentalist group along with the archaeological team who are excavating the city visited President Ahmet Necdet Sezer Thursday. The group are seeking support from the president to prevent the flooding of the city by a dam construction on a nearby stream.

    Arif Ali Cangi, a spokesman for the group, said, "We have gained strength from the attitude of President Sezer's willingness to see that such a cultural site should be saved," adding that, "Sezer had undertaken to personally speak with the State Waterworks Authority and the Energy Ministry, responsible for building the dam."

    During their meeting in Ankara, Sezer told the group, " The decision of the heritage protection council that Allianoi be preserved and be adhered to, that proposals to protect the site
    by covering it with silt was against the law."

    Cangi said, "A report we received from the cultural site protection council said that covering it with silt would not protect the ruins."



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