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    Sedat Ergin: Babacan: It Is Not Related With Independence

    Hürriyet Haber
    03.10.2003 - 09:27 | Son Güncelleme:

    “Treasury Minister Ali Babacan admits that there are some “sensitivities” inherent in the 8.5-billion-dollar loan agreement with U.S., which include a condition preventing Turkey from entering Northern Iraq. Babacan says that this condition stemmed from the provisions put forward by the U.S. Congress, when it approved this loan.

    Babacan says, “This loan, which was included in the additional budget issued because of the war, was approved by President Bush on April 16. The fact that the agreement included the decision text of the U.S. Congress stemmed from the internal law of U.S. The agreement, that we will conclude with them should be in line with the Additional Budget Law they issued.”

    “Babacan also says that the issue was elaborated on by the government….At this point, Babacan assumes that Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul reviewed the agreement text together with the Foreign Ministry bureaucracy…However it is revealed that Gul did not do that.

    “…Babacan lists the reasons behind this agreement. First of all, the conditions of the agreement are suitable and its interest rate is lower than market rates. However, according to Babacan, the most important aspect of the loan is that it is a significant instrument to direct the expectations in markets…On one hand Babacan admits that the agreement has political conditions, but on the other hand, he says that this fact has nothing to do with independence.”

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