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    Russia criticizes U.S. sanctions on arms trader

    24 Ekim 2008 - 14:39Son Güncelleme : 24 Ekim 2008 - 14:39

    Russia’s foreign minister said Friday U.S. sanctions against Russia’s state arms trader defies international law and will hurt bilateral ties.

    Sergey Lavrov said Russia will demand that the United States reverse its decision to impose sanctions against Russia’s Rosoboronexport arms trading monopoly.


    The United States has imposed sanctions on Rosoboronexport along with a dozen of other firms from China, Sudan, Venezuela and other countries for their alleged roles in supplying sensitive technology to Iran, North Korean and Syria.


    Lavrov said at a news conference Friday that sanctions were based on U.S. legislation rather than international law and condemned the move as an example of Washington’s unilateralism.


    Photo: AFP



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