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    Resignations continue despite AKP efforts

    Hürriyet Haber
    31.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme: 31.03.2005 - 00:01

    The team given the job of preventing any more defections from the AKP has been unsuccessful in keeping the Erzurum MP Ibrahim Ozdogan from submitting his resignation. Saying that the party had "rotted," MP Ozdogan resigned in front of videocameras at the AKP headquarters. Izmir MP Serpil Yildiz, saying that AKP's "mission had changed," also submitted her resignation. "Come, Let's Talk This Over"Yesterday morning, Paliament began its morning session with these two resignations, which brought the total number of AKP resignations to 13. A group of AKP MPs, on learning of Ozdogan's intent to resign, awaited Ozdogan's arrival at the main doors of the Parliament to try and keep him from tendering his resignation. With calls of "come, let's talk this over", some even held Ozdogan from his waist to try to keep him from entering the building. In the end, after some brief tussling, Ozdogan entered the Parliament and resigned. Still No Solution to Headscarf QuestionComplaining that there was no trust left in the cities of Turkey, and that the government didn't seem to care at all, Ozdogan went on to say "in addition to not finding a solution to this problem, the government has shown no courage in trying to fix the inequality surrounding education and the question of the legality of the turban in high schools and universities."Referring to Erdogan's denunciation of the defecting MPs as "the rotting parts of the sack," Ozdogan said "if that's what he wants to think, he is welcome. We, on the other hand, are watching the resignations from the rot of AKP and the Prime Minister's corresponding alienation from the events unfold like an ancient Greek tragedy." Ozdogan stated his intention to continue as an MP, but as an Independent. General Mission has ChangedOn tendering her resignation yesterday, Izmir MP Serpil Yildiz stated that it was the undemocratic and unfair practised of AKP that had brought her to the point of removing herself from the party. Yildiz is expected to join the ANAP party, as has Gaziantep MP Omer Abusoglu, which brings the total number of new MPs to ANAP up to 6.


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